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Light of Sunday is a 24-page board book that uses mixed media to share over 40 articles of Catholic worship in a beautiful, engaging way. 

  • 24-page board book

  • Sturdy paperboard - designed specifically for playful little hands, spills, and teethers!

  • 5.625" x 5.625"

  • Teaches over 40 articles of Catholic worship, including the object's meaning and proper name

  • All poetry, watercolor, and photography featured is original

  • Made in the USA

Light of Sunday is now published by Sophia Institute Press. Books are available for purchase here, on their website.


Check back as they will be available on Amazon and other Catholic bookstores soon! 

With the hope of guiding little ones to Christ and welcoming them into deeper participation in the Mass, we present:

  • Poetry - exploring the beauty and mystery of the elements and traditions of Catholic worship, in a fun sing-song way

  • Watercolor - awakening the imagination, encouraging the child to see the unseen

  • Photographs - inviting the child to relish in the elements up-close and facilitating a teaching moment for every child and guide

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